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When you sign up to become a Worthy Walk Partner, as our way of saying thank you, we’ll send you a copy of Erwin Lutzer’s book, One Minute After You Die. This book will help you understand what the bible says about what happens when we pass on from this life. And it’s yours with our thanks for your generous commitment when you become a Worthy Walk Partner. And as a partner, we will automatically send you any complimentary resources we offer to our listeners.  

Worthy Walk Partners make this program possible. THANK YOU!

A note from Pastor Tim Armstrong:
"If you’re a financial partner of The Worthy Walk, let me be the first to say thank you. It means you are on mission with us as we reach out across the country and the globe help people walk in a manner worthy of the Lord. One of the most practical and effective ways for to you to become a friend of The Worthy Walk is by becoming a “Worthy Walk partner.” A Worthy Walk partner agrees to give a monthly donation of $25 or more to support this ministry. That consistent financial gift provides the support we need to bring the gospel out of the local church and onto the airwaves across the country and the globe.

One Minute After You Die
When you become a Worthy Walk Partner, you will receive the book "One Minute After You Die" by Erwin W. Lutzer.

Publisher's Summary
"One minute after you die you will either be elated or terrified. And it will be too late to reroute your travel plans."
Erwin W. Lutzer

One-Minute-After-You-DieDeath comes to all, and yet death is not the end. For some, death is the beginning of unending bliss, for others, unending despair. In this latest edition of the bestselling book One Minute After You Die, Pastor Erwin W. Lutzer weighs the Bible's words on life after death. He considers:

  • Channeling, reincarnation, and near-death experiences
  • What heaven and hell will be like
  • The justice of eternal punishment
  • Trusting in God's providence
  • Preparing for your own final moment

Though the afterlife is shrouded in mystery, the Bible does peel back the curtain. Dr. Lutzer will help you understand what is on the other side.

May the reality of eternity quicken and comfort you today.

By supporting The Worthy Walk ministry on a monthly basis, we are better able to project our monthly income and plan our budget to be able to provide all of our radio and website expenses, as well as many helpful resources.

When you commit to becoming a Worthy Walk Partner, you'll receive a copy of the book "One Minute After You Die by Erwin W. Lutzer, as well as any complimentary resources we offer in the future. So join with us to bring God's Word to those who are hungry for truth all across the globe!

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