A Direct Line

“Would you like a direct phone line to God?” Chances are, your answer to this question would be, “Absolutely!” As Christians, we sometimes forget we’ve already been connected to that line! It’s called prayer. And it has no monthly fees, surcharges, taxes, or equipment to purchase.

In all seriousness, praying is a difficult discipline to practice.

Prayer is admitting complete dependence on God for the things you achieve, needs in your life, and the countless blessings you receive. Prayer is a measuring stick on the level of faith you have and the depth of your relationship with Jesus Christ.

We worship the one true God, but we often fail to make him part of our daily routine. This might be in part because we are used to instant gratification, and that is rarely how prayer works. God always answers, but not necessarily on our timeline or in the way we want.

All around the world, we see images of people who pray to their idols or false gods, faithfully and consistently. Although their prayer cannot be heard or answered by the ones they pray to, they continue on with zeal—while we often don’t do much of anything, even though we have the ear of God Almighty.

So when Pastor Tim asks what we’re going to do about our prayer lives, I think to myself, “I have the truth to be thankful for and excited about. I must start praying.”

I’ve recently gotten into a habit of praying around 8 PM. For some reason, that’s the time I feel a little nudge to pray. Most of my life, I’ve ignored these sudden urges to do something spiritual, but recently I’ve counted it as a quick reminder by the Holy Spirit to pray now, because I’ll forget to do it later. The whole day has gone by, so don’t delay any longer.

8 PM is not my ideal time for praying. I’m tired and my focus is not optimal. I combat it by going outside, speaking aloud, and often keeping my eyes open. Prayer is a spiritual discipline that I’ve improved on over the last few years, but the truth is I still have room for growth. 

One of the rewards for praying is finding out how the prayer has been answered. Beyond our own needs, when you are praying for others, you begin to care for their needs. Their situation is on your mind. You look forward to hearing how the Lord has answered those prayers. You’ve begun to care for others just as we’ve been called to do. You become more aware of the people around you and their needs. It also fosters an appreciation for the blessings we receive daily.

Prayer, as with all aspects of the Christian life, is ultimately about bringing glory to the Lord. I encourage you to strengthen your relationship with Him and start praying today.