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“The Message of Habakkuk 
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Your telephone rings with the news…your boss calls you into the office…your doctor puts a hand on your shoulder…and there you stand – as if all hope is lost. Why did this happen? Where is God?

That is a question that we have all asked. Why? Where is God? This is not new question. 2500 years ago an ancient prophet asked the same thing. But he not only asked the questions ~ he received the answers… They are recorded in the ancient book of Habakkuk. This old Testament book begins with a believer, much like you and me, struggling to find God within the circumstances surrounding him. It ends with that same man of God reassured and resting anew in God’s promises.

You can listen to this entire series by downloading the mp3 collection of all 8 sermons from Pastor Armstrong by clicking here. This download is available at no cost to you.

Or, if you prefer to listen on CD, you can purchase the series as an 8-part CD set from our store. The price is only $20.00.
Order  your copy of the CD set and you’ll also receive at no additional cost Tim’s book, The Message of Habakkuk. These resources will make a great addition to your personal study or use them for teaching in a classroom setting!

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“The Message of Habakkuk book”

“While we appreciate and covet your financial support, I really want all of our listeners to have this book based on my series, The Message of Habakkuk.”
Tim Armstrong

This book contains all the principles you’ll be hearing here on the program. You can read the book in its entirety and then re-read it chapter by chapter as you follow along with the radio program. You’ll be amazed at how this book will help you to deal with your own circumstances by understanding the biblical principles we’re learning from Habakkuk. To request your copy of this engaging book, call 844-825-1262 or email us at Or simply make your DONATION of any amount and we’ll automatically send you your copy of the book.



Four Foundational Principles

Tim has put together a special resource to help you as we move forward in this study of Habakkuk. There are four foundational principles found in the text. These principles will help prepare you not only for how God answers Habakkuk, but for how God will answer you when you ask, “Why God?” We’re offering, at no cost to you, a postcard that lists these four foundational principles with the reference from Habakkuk and other scripture references to help you study and learn these principles. You can use the card to memorize them and then study each of the scriptures and use them as a foundation to stand on. This card is available simply by calling 844-825-1262, emailing to, or writing to us at The Worthy Walk, PO Box 1262, Akron, Ohio 44309.