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How Not to Worry

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Book: “Overcoming Anxiety:
Relief for Worried People”

You know the feeling—your mind keeps spinning around and around with the same worries, problems, and fears. You feel like you can’t breathe. Some days your anxiety is so overwhelming that it’s hard for you to believe that anyone, even God, could help you.

David Powlison helps you discover what your anxiety reveals about what is going on inside of you, and then shows you how to bring your anxious thoughts and worries to God, the only Person who can give you a life of peace. You will learn specific ways to replace your free-floating anxiety with trust in God and how to walk by faith through your day.

This title was offered during our series, “How Not to Worry.” We are extending the offer as we work through the current COVID-19 crisis. The title is being offered at not cost, along with a CD of the 2 messages from “How Not to Worry” for a gift of $20 or more. You can also simply purchase the book here for a $4.00 plus shipping.

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“Now Not to Worry on CD

You are invited to call or write and request, at no cost to you, a CD of the message, “How Not to Worry.” This message was broadcast over 2 weekends as the COVID-19 crisis began. If you would like to listen again to HOW NOT TO WORRY, or if you would like to share it with your church or small group, just let us know and a copy of that message be sent to you at no cost. While we do count on the generous giving from our listeners, our mission is to get the Word of God out to as many persons as we can. Our prayer is that sending a CD from one of Pastor Armstrong’s messages will accomplish this and that a life might be changed!

Once we receive your request, you’ll be sent both messages Tim shared with his congregation at The Chapel and on this program. Our number is 844-825-1262 and our email address is If you would like to put pen to paper and contact us that way…the address is The Worthy Walk, PO Box 1262, Akron, OH 44309.

You can also download this title at no cost from our Resources page.


Watch Tim on YouTube

In addition to purchasing the book and/or CD, you can watch the original message as Tim preached it to The Chapel on our Youtube Page. While the leadership at The Chapel chose to honor our government and public health leaders by complying with the order and setting an example for our people and communities by doing our part in social distancing, we took advantage of technology and posted worship and sermons online for the congregation at our church.

You can also download resources at no cost by visiting our Resources page. Or order books and resources from our Online Store.

The message being broadcast on Palm Sunday and Easter will also be available on Youtube. While the message was condensed for broadcast, you can watch the full sermons here.