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“Wilderness Lessons CD Set”

Today’s powerful message can be yours as part of our thank you when you donate to this ministry to help keep The Worthy Walk on the air.  If you go to our website, you’ll find many resources Tim has made available for our listeners, people like you, in your walk with the Lord. Whether it’s a mini-book or the CD set of one of his series, we think you’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity and support The Worthy Walk. Today’s message, Wilderness Lessons, reminds us there is a purpose in our pain and that God is at work through every situation in our lives for our good.

The Worthy Walk is made possible by the generous contributions of listeners like you. And to get your copy of the CD set of Wilderness Lessons, simply call 844-825-1262 to make your contribution over the phone. Or, click here where you can safely and securely give a gift of $50, $30 or just $20 and we’ll send your copy of Wilderness Lessons on CD. If you’d like to write to us and send a contribution that way, the address…PO Box 1262, Akron, Ohio 44309. 


Ryken’s Bible Handbook

Go beyond merely reading the Bible, and discover deep treasures with the help of Ryken’s Bible Handbook.

Whether you are new to Bible study or have read the Scriptures countless times, greater riches are waiting to be unearthed. The background and literary genre of each book will come alive as you gain insight into each book’s message and learn methods for analyzing its content. This handbook contains countless applications for life will increase your appreciation for the ways God reveals himself and his character through the Scriptures.
Inside you will find maps, charts, and illustrations, a fact sheet for each book, key verses, key doctrines, overviews and main themes, perspectives from theologians, educators, and authors, and a one year Bible-reading plan.



Our blog is called Stories…

If you haven’t checked out our “Stories” page, you are missing out.

The Worthy Walk writers post regular stories that correspond with the sermon Pastor Armstrong is preaching on his weekly program.

Sometimes the stories are a commentary on his message. Other times, they are personal reflections on how this sermon or message has resonated with the writer personally.

Follow along as we present “Stories” to help you in your own walk with the Lord.