Finding Jesus: A Christmas Devotional


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“Finding Jesus” was written for you. The woman who wants to dig a little deeper this Christmas. The woman who longs to use the season to celebrate without losing sight of the Savior we are honoring. The woman with grand plans to do all the things every year, but who quickly gets overwhelmed and gives up. The woman who longs to find Jesus in a new way this Christmas. With just five entries, this devotional gives opportunities to draw closer to the Savior we celebrate without adding more chaos and pressure to the holiday season.Each entry in this devotional is made up of three parts:1.A short Scripture reading and the author’s reflections on the topic at hand.2.”Get Personal” invites the reader to go a little deeper in her own quiet time, providing Bible reading and reflection questions.3.”Get Connected” is written for a mom, grandma, aunt, or super cool family friend who wants to connect her own quiet time with the kids in her life. Again a Scripture reading is listed, this time paired with an activity to help kids learn more about their walk with God. At the end are follow-up questions to help them apply the lesson to their own lives.So whether you are reading this just for yourself or incorporating it into family devotions, this devotional is for you!


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