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The Generous Life is a Bible study with a broad view of what it means to lead a generous life. It is broad because the study is about money and giving, but it is also about much more than that. This study will help you see that the God of the Bible is generous. He is generous in creation and provision, and He also gives grace through his Son, Jesus that is so abundant we cannot contain it. This study will help you see some surprising responses to God’s generosity. When we experience His generosity it overflows back to God himself in worship. It flows out to others in relationships: both to those in the Christian community and to those who don’t believe. Finally, it flows through the use of talents, time and money, all for God’s glory and for His purposes. The Generous Life is an 11-lesson Bible study workbook designed for personal study and group discussion. It uses passages from the Old and New Testaments, and also includes the stories of ordinary Christians who have led generous lives. It uses an inductive method meant to guide discovery and spur application to life.


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