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Reformed theology has been immensely influential in the West and in evangelicalism. Every believer, Reformed or not, will profit from a thoughtful reading of Grace Unknown.

Few evangelical Christians today understand Reformed theology. They know it has something to do with predestination, and they may have heard of “the five points.” But they can’t name these points, and they think no one believes most of them anymore.

R. C. says there’s more to Reformed theology than these five points , so he devotes the first half of Grace Unknown to its most foundational doctrines. In the second half he explains each of the five points, showing their source in Scripture and their coherence with each other.
Reformed theology reveals just how awesome the grace of God is. This doctrine has eluded so many evangelical Christians that true grace is, in some respects, unknown. In Grace Unknown R. C. explains “the heart of Reformed theology” and makes plain the reality of God’s amazing grace


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