Great Week, The


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Jesus lived for thirty-three years and he ministered for three. Shockingly, one third of the Gospel writings focus in on just one week, the last week of Jesus’ life. We invite you to encounter Jesus as he orchestrates the greatest week in human history. You will see him do the unexpected and hear him say the unbelievable. You will gulp at his suffering and grieve your participation. You will be amazed as he does just what he said he would do. We call this week The Great Week. We have assembled the accounts of all four Gospels to walk you through everything Jesus said and did to make this week the greatest week of human history. The Great Week is a 20-week Bible study designed for personal study and group discussion. It uses a guided, inductive method that is not meant to give answers. This method uses questions to lead you to discover the truth of Scripture for yourself and to apply it to your life.


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