Habakkuk: When Your Circumstances Challenge the Promises of God, 8 Part Series MP3


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Why? This is a question we have all asked God at one time or another, particularly when the circumstances of life challenge our view of who God is or how we think He should act. When the wheels fall off our world – the death of a loved one, an unexpected job loss, a devasting diagnosis, a trauma in the life of one of our children, those times that drive us to our knees in desperation – that’s when we need to hear from God! Some 2,500 years ago a prophet named Habakkuk was in that very place – desperate and asking God, “Why?” God answered him. The answer will surprise you. It will also help and comfort you because it is as relevant and applicable a message in our day as it was to Habakkuk’s. In this audio message series, Pastor Tim Armstrong walks us through the dialogue between Habakkuk and his God, encourage us to bring our own questions before God, and helps position us to hear His answer.


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