Haggai: A Turning Point – Follow God or Drift Away (book)


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History is often remembered for single events…Gutenberg’s press, the Reformation, the American Revolution. And we often have these turning points in our own lives…high school graduation, marriage, a new job. But you and I have another turning point that is no less important. It is a turning point that happens almost every single day, “Will I be obedient to the Lord?”That is the same question the remnant of Israel had to answer. For 16 years, they had refused to say ‘yes’ to the Lord, until the prophet Haggai came along. This Old Testament book is still relevant today because it deals with the same turning points as we do today. Issues like spiritual apathy, excuses, obedience, consequences. The people of Haggai’s time listened and began a shift in their own spiritual lives. From devotion to self to devotion to God. Find encouragement in your own life by studying these lessons from this Old Testament prophet.


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