Joseph: A Model of Humble Obedience (ebook)


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Most people are familiar with the story of the birth of Christ from the book of Luke, where you find the focus is from the perspective of Mary, the mother of Jesus. But what about the perspective of Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph? Our earthly fathers have a profound impact on us, probably more than we realize. It’s feasible to believe that Joseph had an impact on Jesus. That Joseph, as Jesus’ earthly father, had such an impact on him that we can learn more about Jesus by studying Joseph. Joseph is only mentioned in sixteen times in the New Testament. Join Pastor Tim Armstrong as he looks these Scripture references and investigates who this man was. What was he like? Did he have other children? How long did he live and how did he die? More importantly, how does Joseph help us prepare to worship Christ at Christmas? A great companion piece to the audio series available on CD, flash drive or mp3 download.


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