Truth With Love: A Bible Study of First Corinthians


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Life in the Christian community can be messy. It’s true today and it was true when Paul wrote to the Corinthian church two thousand years ago. As Paul tackles the many questions and problems in this first-century church plant, he also speaks boldly into our contemporary church issues. Truth with Love will help you think through the practical stuff of life like divisions in the church, sin, sex, marriage, single life and what to do with gray areas of Christian liberty. It will also help you understand the undergirding theology of Jesus’ gospel of salvation, his resurrection, wisdom, the Holy Spirit, and the ultimate power of love. What could be more relevant?! A Bible study of First Corinthians is a twenty-lesson Bible study workbook designed for personal study and group discussion. Written with an inductive approach, it guides the student to make observations, discover truth and apply that truth to life.


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