December 2, 2016 by Steve Browning

Welcome to The Worthy Walk. Tim Armstrong has been my pastor and friend for nearly 20 years. We have been working in ministry together for over 18 years. When Tim became senior pastor of The Chapel in Akron, Ohio, he asked me to come join him as the head of the production department. Within months we had created a radio program, originally called Chapel Life Radio. In an effort to more clearly define the mission of the program, in February of 2016 the name was changed to The Worthy Walk. We here at the program wish nothing more than to help you walk in a manner worthy of the Lord. Tim’s preaching is a verse by verse teaching of the truth right out of the Bible. We hope that you glean the truth that God is speaking through Pastor Armstrong each week and that you’ll feel a connection with us, no matter where you might live.

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