Where do I start?

You might be a Christ-Follower for most of your life or you may be new in your relationship with Jesus. Whatever your circumstances, We suggest the following message series, Biblical Believer to help you as you build your relationship and work on becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Click here to download the series at no cost.

Biblical Believer Pt. 1
The Redeemed Believer

Can you believe but not be redeemed?
That’s the question!
Biblical Believer Pt 2
The Growing Believer
A branch cannot exist apart from the vine, It’s all about the vine, the branch grows because of the vine. 

Biblical Believer Pt 3
The Serving Believer

Truly, Truly, I say to you, a servant is not greater than his Master, nor is a Master greater than the One who sent him.

Biblical Believer Pt. 4
The Giving Believer

We’re going to talk about the motive, WHY we give. And then, we’re going to look at the application, HOW to give. 

Biblical Believer Pt 5
The Praying Believer

When you understand that the greatest expression of your dependency on God is prayer, then it’s time to learn how to pray.

Biblical Believer Pt 6
The Disciple Making Believer

What is the purpose of the church? What is the purpose of your life?
What is YOUR purpose?